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 Warnings and Bans

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PostSubject: Warnings and Bans   Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:21 am

If you violate a rule, a moderator, agent, and/or administrator will warn give you a warning. If you continue to violate the rules, you will be banned/suspended, depending on what you do.

1st Warning
2nd Warning - Suspended
3rd Warning - Banned for 1 week
4th Warning
5th warning - Suspended
6th Warning - Banned for 1 month
7th Warning
8th Warning - Suspended/Final chance
9th Warning - Banned for infinity

Please note that if you're banned for infinity you will be I.P banned as well. You may not register another account.

Also note that that ban lifts can also change. Revealing private information results in a 1-month ban, regardless of how many warnings you get. Posting pornographic links will result in a permanent ban. If we find out that too many linked sites was hacked we may have to disabled links. So be careful what you link to us.
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Warnings and Bans
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