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 The Rules of Rants

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PostSubject: The Rules of Rants   Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:00 am

This thread will tell you what types of posts will be allowed in this forum. Any violations will result in a loss of posting privilages in the Rants Forums.

Types of Rants that is not accepted/

1. Rants on Users is not accepted
2. Rants on People in no accepted (fanboys, fangirls, and fanbrats are ok)
3. Rants on races (rants about black people, mexicans, and other races is not accepted)
4. Rants on religious is not accepted (rants on God, Jesus, or any other religious figures are not accepted. Yes, I believe in God and Jesus but I do not want anybody arguing over them)
5. Any rants complaining about this forum is not accepted, all complaints should go in the Suggestion board.
6. Rants using the N word is not accpeted.

[b]What is not allowed on this Rants Forum.

1. Insulting or attacking a user is not allowed, we don't care what kind of rant they made. Why? Because everybody has their own opinion, I don't want to see people bashing other people JUST for making a whiney thread, or a thread complaining about something that is actually important. If you feel that the ranter is wrong or misguided, then you shouldn't reply to that thread or tell them kindly. If that ranter isn't listening and/or continuing to make whiney threads, then we will take care of it.

2. Making smartass remarks just to irritate the ranter will be removed.

3. Violations of the other rules is forbidden.

If you have any problems with these rules, then don't post in the Rants forum. Because I will not take any jerks here.
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The Rules of Rants
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