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 Rule Book 1/15/11

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PostSubject: Rule Book 1/15/11   Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:25 am


Welcome to the Forum Lounge, where you can talk about anything. However, there is a couple of rules you must follow.

1. Swearing: Yes, we do allow swearing. But racial slurs is prohibited and will be removed without warning.

2. Spamming is forbidden: We do not allow spamming at any kind. I will post more information shortly.Click here for more information.

3. No Boosting: Boosting is not allowed on this forum.Click here for more information

4. No FlamingClick here for more information.[/b]

5. No trolling[url=]Click here for more information.

6. No instigatingClick here for more information.

7. Do not post off-topic messages

8. Post in the right board.

9. Petitions, polls, or "sign here" threads against other users is prohibited.

10. Do not link to inappropiate websites.: That means no linking to shock sites, adult content, or software piracy information. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

11. No impersonating other users: This includes pretending to be another user for any reason. Doing so will result in a 3-day ban.

12. Offering any software/products is prohibited on this forum.

13. Do not use the forums to advertise any other websites.: You may only advertise in your signature.

14. Threads about users based on race is forbidden on this forum.

15. Do not do anything illegal on this forum.

16. Posting private information is forbidden.

17. No trollingClick here for more information

These are the rules of the forum. Violations of these rules result in a warning/ban/suspension. Also note, that you are the one responsible for your account. Blaming someone else will only put you in more trouble.
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Rule Book 1/15/11
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